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CORK HELLAS – KOKKALIDIS BROTHERS was established in Thessaloniki / North Greece, in 1990. It has been activated on the industry of wine bottling supplies and specialized on cork stoppers.

In 1991 we start to import finished cork stoppers from Portugal.

In 1997 we install in Thessaloniki a facility for the final process of corks. In our own machines we print the logo and make the surface treatment of the cork stoppers.

We also insist and develop specific quality controls of the final products. We support the wineries not only with reliable stoppers to bottle, but, also, with any information and advice on the bottling process.

In year 2004 the company is very well organized concerning machinery and know – how and sells to an extended market of wineries all over Greece.

Main supplier of raw material is JORGE PINTO DE SÁ (Portugal).

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The range of products already includes cork stoppers of any type, even the most sophisticated ones, headcorks, T-corks e.t.c.

Additionally, enological products, PVC capsules and other bottling auxillaries. Since that time our interest in synthetic stoppers grows.

We start our cooperation with VINVENTIONS (FRANCE), a big producer of synthetic stoppers.

Since the end of 2005 we have entered quite actively to the market of aluminium caps for wines, spirits and olive oils. 

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The year 2005 was a very active one. The company moves to its newly built, privately owned facilities, in 29th km Thessaloniki – N. Moudania. The building is very convenient and sufficient for the production, the storehouse, the offices, the laboratory and as a sales point.

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Besides our customers – wineries and distilleries – in Greece, we look at the markets of neighbor countries.

diam corksIn June 2011, our company undertakes the exclusive representation in Greece of the French House of DIAM BOUCHAGE. The cork stoppers DIAM, with unique properties are in the leading edge of technological development.

vinolok corksSince 2013 our company enriches its range of Head-cork stoppers with the unique crystal VINOLOK, Czech origin, which are recommended for a secure bottling of  high quality products.

Our company focuses not only on the sale of its products, but also providing technical support on the bottling practice.


Our company has been activated on the industry of wine bottling supplies since 1990, in Thessaloniki. We are specialized on cork stoppers and our range of products includes every type of corks, such as plastic and aluminum corks.


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