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DIAM - The sensorially neutral cork

Diam is the only cork closure that provides both a perfect homogeneity between one bottle and another and perfect control over the different levels of permeability. The DIAMANT® method also provides incomparable sensorial neutrality.

Clean: Through an exclusive patented process, cork "de-aromatization", Diam and Mytik Diam are the only cork closures that are completely sensorially neutral, freed from the molecules causing organoleptic deviations including TCA, responsible for cork taint (TCA releasable & le; 0.3 ng/l).

The manufacturing process for Diam, Mytik Diam and Altop guarantees each single closure (not an average value per batch).

Consistency: The manufacturing process provides all the closures with the same physical characteristics. It guarantees a perfect consistency in the bottling line as well as during the aging of the wine.

Choice: Diam closures are designed to meet all expectations regarding the evolution of the wine, the varietal expression and the duration of conservation. Available in different levels of permeability, they master the oxygen transfer rate and their constancy throughout bottled life.

diam φελλοί κρασί
diam fellos


DIAM 2:    38 x 24.5     &     44 x 24.5
DIAM 3:    38 x 24.2     &     44 x 24.2     &     44 x 25.5
DIAM 5:    44 x 24.2     &     44 x 25.5     &     47 x 24.2     &     &     49 x 24.2    &    49 x 26
DIAM 10:  47 x 24.2     &     49 x 24.2
DIAM 30:  49 x 24.2
DIAM Semi-Sparkling:   44 x 26.5  &  44 x 25.5
DIAM ΜΥΤΙΚ Sparkling:  42 x 27    &    48 x 30.5
diam bouchons

Origine by Diam

100% natural beeswax.
The wax used in Origine by Diam® corks is totally natural.

Makes caps perfectly watertight, protecting wine against any capillary migration phenomenon and ensuring the integrity of cork elasticity. As pollinators, bees make a significant contribution to biodiversity and to preserving life on Earth!

The Origine by Diam® cap protects the natural character of your wines.

Designed with the use of environmentally-friendly innovations, these new Origine by Diam® products are available today in DIAM5DIAM 10 and DIAM 30. They have the same guarantee as the classic DIAM range in terms of safety, consistency and range of choice.

Origine by Diam® will soon be expanded to include other brands of the same brand for quiet and sparkling wines.

More information about Origine by Diam® can be found here.

diam wine


All the components of Diam products fulfil all the European and American Food Safety and Quality Standards (FDA), microspheres included.

Food contact compliance for still and sparkling wines
ISO 22000
FSSC 22000
Find out more about DIAM BOUCHAGE here.


Our company has been activated on the industry of wine bottling supplies since 1990, in Thessaloniki. We are specialized on cork stoppers and our range of products includes every type of corks, such as plastic and aluminum corks.


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